Educational Modular Buildings:

Pope has been identified as a premier provider of modular educational buildings and modular classroom since 1986. Many of the modular classrooms that were acquired as relocatable modular buildings, temporary classrooms, portable classrooms or portables are still in service today and in excellent condition.

The current trend is to acquire permanent educational space through the use of permanent modular building construction. Green or sustainable construction methods are an integral part of building using modular building technologies. Common sense applications of sustainable building methods are regularly employed by Pope Industries as a method of delivering a clean interior living environment that is easy to maintain and by its design prolongs the life cycle of the buildings we build.

Relocatable modular classrooms and buildings:

There will always be a need for acquisition of modular buildings on a fast track basis for quick high quality educational space. While the buildings are designed in relocatable building components, the useful life of the buildings if properly maintained is over 30 years.

Pope Industries, Inc. minimum relocatable modular building specification:

  • Perimeter Frame
  • Double 5/8” or ¾ “ plywood floor
  • 2” x 6” wall construction
  • 7/16” OSB sheathing
  • Steel or wood trusses as required
  • R-30 Rigid insulation over 5/8” plywood deck
  • 60 mil EPDM membrane roof
  • Energy Star compliant insulation system
  • Painted drywall or vinyl coated gypsum
  • Vinyl composition tile or linoleum
  • Painted poplar window sills
  • 4’ x 4’ horizontal sliding windows Energy Star compliant
  • Carrier, Trane, or equal HVAC units with fresh air ventilation at 15 cfm per person

We service Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut with turnkey modular design, delivery and installation services.

Outside of New England, we will provide pre-construction services, consulting and the supply of modular building components to owners or general contractors

Modular educational and classroom buildings have the ability to be acquired using tax-exempt finance purchase methods and well as operating leases or rentals. Typical tax-exempt terms are three, five, seven or ten years to qualified entities. Typical lease periods or rental periods are two, three and five year operating leases and are used for temporary use application or when typical capital acquisition methods are not available.

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