Four Benefits of Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent modular construction (PMC) may sound more complicated than what it actually is: construction projects that are built off-site, and then transported to the site for assembly. In recent years, this type of construction has grown increasingly popular in both the private and public sectors, for a number of really good reasons.

These are the most important benefits of permanent modular construction that will prove lucrative to your business. Four Benefits of Permanent Modular Construction

The time factor. According to a recent McGraw-Hill study, 66 percent of 800 subjects using PMC reported a decrease in the project schedule—35 percent of which said that meant four weeks, or more. That is because modular construction avoids regulatory, weather, and labor-related delays; as the project is being built off-site, work can be done to prepare the actual site for assemblage. “Simultaneous” is a word you don’t hear often in this line of work.

The cost factor. Time is money, and so if you’re spending less time on a project, you’re spending less money. In addition, modular construction off-site is overseen by trained workers who are being paid at a fixed price, eliminating the need to pay for site supervision, or having to deal with conflicting trade costs. It also does not require the same sort of street closures, or community impact, that many construction projects entail.

The waste factor. When building a project off-site, bulk materials are brought in to a protected site, and optimized for construction. This lessens the waste from the project, meaning you’ll spend less getting rid of it all. Not to mention that it’s better for the environment that way.

The safety factor. Permanent modular construction is safer. It’s that simple. Building off-site avoids having to work in extreme inclement weather, and lessens any danger posed to passersby, like local residents, or students. Believe us, your workers will thank you later.

Because of these benefits, Pope Industries has made it our priority to build both commercial and permanent modular construction projects at a steady pace. We didn’t even mention the green benefits you will reap when you hire us to include sustainable elements into your design! To speak with us more about this, or with any questions you have about this line of work, contact us today!  


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