Relocatable Modular buildings are used most often as modular classrooms, medical and healthcare facilities, office buildings, prisons and any other facility where the occupancy of the building has been to be determined to be of defined or short duration. Many relocatable modular buildings we have built are still in place thirty (30) years after installation and with normal maintenance, those same buildings will provide another thirty years of service to the owners of the buildings.

Relocatable Modular Buildings, as with all modular buildings are built to stringent state building codes but are designed to be moved from one location to another. Because of this design, the buildings are able to be rented, leased and would qualify for tax-exempt financing with a public entity borrower.

Typically, relocatable modular buildings are built on pier foundations that are more easily discontinued in the event the building is moved off of the site to another location.

We provide removal and re-installation services for modular buildings. Call us to relocate your modular building.

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