Whether you are looking to build a large scale housing authority building, group home, condominium complex, apartment building, dormitory or hotel, modular construction takes advantage of the repetitive nature of this kind of construction and provides the cost savings required and speed of delivery without sacrificing quality of construction or architectural design.

Sustainable design using green construction elements and Energy Star compliant building design are an integral part of our approach to our building system.

We provide pre-construction services, design services through our network of architects and turnkey construction of multi-family modular buildings throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont.

Outside of New England we will provide pre-construction services, consulting the supply of modular building components to owners and general contractors looking to build multi-family buildings.

Reasons to build modular:

  1. Cost savings and cost containment
  2. Time to occupancy – time to return on investment
  3. Building off-site while current campus or building is occupied
  4. Quality of Construction – built inside under quality controlled supervision
  5. Green or sustainable elements of construction incorporated into building construction
  6. Call us to assist you with your next multi-family construction project!

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