Healthcare and Medical Clinics:

Healthcare buildings generally require highly engineered buildings to meet both code and program requirements of the facility. We have the experience, inclination and interest in building these kinds of high specification buildings. Modular construction also offers the least disruptive kind of construction in and around an operating facility. We are used to critical path scheduling and building in and around the daily operations of a fully functioning 24/7 healthcare facility.

Modular hospitals, medical centers, emergency medical departments, outpatient clinics, MRI and specialty equipment units are all usual and customary building types for Pope Industries to provide.

Modular buildings are used for both permanently constructed projects as well as those requiring relocatable modular buildings.

We provide pre-construction services, design services through our network of architects and construction of healthcare related modular buildings throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont.

Outside of New England, we will provide pre-construction services, consulting the supply of modular building components to owners and general contractors looking to build healthcare and medical buildings and clinics.

Reasons to build modular:

  1. Cost savings and cost containment
  2. Time to occupancy – time to return on investment
  3. Building off-site keeping the on-site disruption to operations at a minimum
  4. Quality of Construction – built inside under quality controlled supervision
  5. Green or sustainable elements of construction incorporated into building construction
  6. Buildings can be financed through innovative methods including tax-exempt finance purchase methods for qualified entities
  7. Call us for all of your healthcare building needs!

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