Welcome to Pope Industries

Pope Industries, Inc is a general contractor and construction manager that has specialized in modular and panelized construction. We listen to the needs of our client and bring innovative solutions in an honest, straightforward commitment to excellence that provides for satisfied clients and enduring, quality built projects.

We are team builders. We surround our client with the right professional and construction service        providers to accomplish the desired objectives of each project from modular homes to office trailers.

We care. We care about the quality of construction we provide to our clients, regardless as to the price point, we care about executing our promises, we care about making all participants in the construction process successful and we care about doing business with people who mirror our philosophy of doing business.

  What We Build

Serving both the public and private sectors over thirty years, we have built:
Educational schools, classrooms and buildings
Health care facilities
Daycare centers
Group homes
Multi-family housing
Office buildings
Recreational facilities
Hazardous material containment buildings 
Residential homes.


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